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Here’s The Stuff I Can Do For You



Playback Programming

Need a Digital Swiss Army Knife?

Enjoy custom-designed, performance-based playback systems tailored precisely for your needs.


Performance Artist / Live PA

Stand out from the rest.

Offer something different at your event.

Revel in the rare experience of a unique live performance designed to captivate your audience.

Consultant & Application Specialist

Stay ahead of the pack.

Get the benefits of the latest, cutting-edge music technology solutions.

What My Clients Have To Say


“Working with Jason through the years has been amazing. His programming is so innovative and he is the go to guy for any questions I’ve ever had regarding ableton or playback programming. True bad-ass!!”


– Malay

   (2 time Grammy award winner and producer for Frank Ocean, John Legend, and Alicia Keys)

Malay Ho, 2 time Grammy award winner.

Josh from Metric


“I would be years behind in my knowledge of Ableton Live if it wasn’t for Jason “DJ Shine” Spanu. He quickly brought me up to speed on a program I had never used before, he also made it easy for me to understand how it all worked. Not only did he teach me how to set it all up, he has also come to the rescue any time we have needed his help.


“Got to say…Thanks Jason, you rock.”


– Joshua Winstead of Metric

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