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So, hey. I teach Ableton Live, Music Production, and Sound Engineering, generally one on one or in small groups.

Here’s some of the stuff I do.

  • Music Production
  • Live Playback Preparation & Programming Techniques
  • Customising MIDI Controller Setup
  • Sound Design
  • Drum Programming Techniques
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Compositional & Structure Theory

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What My Students Have To Say


“We’ve been seeing Jason for under a year and within that span he has expedited our learning process ten fold. Within 8 months we were able to land our first major gig (Countdown NYE at Liberty Grand) and have been able to create our own original productions as well as remixes (including one for Jason). He is kind of like a grand wizard of everything Ableton and technology related. With his mentoring our mixing, sound design, and production techniques would be no where near the current state they are at without Jason’s help.


“If you seriously want to learn a thing or two we highly recommend you get in touch with him.”


– Danylo Znaczko and Kevin Searle (NORTHRN)


Lofty Productions

“Jason is beyond talented. His creativity with both music and technology is unparalleled. During class he really opened my mind up to controller interface setups and explained it so anybody could understand!


“Second to none.”


– Martin Jarvis

“Wanting to take my djing game to the next level by making my own productions I was referred to Mr. Jason Spanu (DJ Shine). Having met with Spanu on many occasions such as taking private lessons, watching him perform in a live setting and seeing him at his public Ableton seminars, I can confidentially say Spanu played an important part in how I approached ableton live right from the start.


“Taking on music production was a whole new world for me and Spanu not only taught me what was needed to get up and running with Ableton but, he laid down the foundation of sound design and music theory so I could grow in my musical creation endeavors. Whether your a seasoned Ableton pro who wishes to perform music live or a novice to the Ableton platform, Spanu has a wealth of knowledge dating back to the first initial version of Ableton live.


“Meet with Mr. Jason Spanu (DJ Shine) if you wish to strengthen your Ableton skills by someone who can only be referred to as an ABLETON JEDI! ????????”


– Matti Mateo

Matti Mateo



Hugs Not Drugs

“Jason had more to do with our success than we would like to admit. If it wasnt for his insight into how to take what we did in the studio onto the stage we wouldve never been able to do what we did live. His talents and know all in ableton are a priceless gift to any artist wishing to take their music to the next level.


“We literally recommend him to every artist we meet.”


– Hugsnotdrugs

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